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Beijing cops give sexist tips to female drivers

October 31, 2013|By Laura E. Davis
  • A Beijing woman prepares to drive. Police in the city have targeted women with sexist tips that have produced a backlash.
A Beijing woman prepares to drive. Police in the city have targeted women… (Peter Parks / AFP/Getty…)

Hey, ladies, the Beijing police department apparently doesn’t think you’re very good at driving. So they’ve singled you out to receive some, um, advice for when you get behind the wheel.

Messages posted by the department on China’s Twitter-like site Weibo reportedly have caused an uproar and are being labeled gender discrimination.

Here's a sampling of the guidance:

"Some female drivers lack a sense of direction. While driving, they often can’t decide which road they should take .… Even for places they’ve been to several times, they still can’t remember how to get there when driving themselves.”

Women also might hit the brakes or the accelerator too sharply or forget to release the handbrake, the messages warn.

Oh, and don’t wear high heels when driving. They’re “the archenemy of driving safety.” (Bonus: That message comes with a cartoon of a woman driving a high-heel-shaped car.)

Naturally, some Weibo users disagreed with the police’s characterizations. Others were more sympathetic to the department’s position. CNN points to this post from Weibo user Simapingbang: "I have to say that female drivers are worse drivers."

Times staff writer Scott Sandell contributed to this report.

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