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Chick-fil-A free breakfast discontinued due to extreme popularity

September 04, 2013|By Amy Hubbard
  • More than 1 million Chick-fil-A customers took advantage of the breakfast promotion.
More than 1 million Chick-fil-A customers took advantage of the breakfast… (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles…)

Chick-fil-A free breakfast! Sorry if you missed it. It was called off due to success.

"More than 1 million customers throughout the country reserved a free breakfast entree for next week," a spokesman told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, "so we decided to discontinue using the reservation site."

With the nationwide Chick-fil-A offer, customers who visited the reservation site were able to sign up for a free breakfast entree Monday through Sept. 14 at individual locations.

Spokesman Mark Baldwin said Chick-fil-A had used the reservation system before, beginning with the Spicy Chicken Sandwich launch in 2010.

It "provides each store the number of guests who will be visiting the restaurant each day, as well as the breakfast entrees that will be ordered," he said. He said this approach beats the "free for all" food giveaways, which can overwhelm restaurant staff.

There will be more such giveaways from Chick-fil-A, so keep your eyes out.

"Customers have learned they better participate sooner rather than later," Baldwin said.  "The early bird gets the chicken."


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