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The Times' college football top 25 rankings

It was a good week to be from the East. Stanford stays at the top the easy way and Johnny Manziel makes his presence felt.

September 04, 2013|By Chris Dufresne

Rankman has always had an East bias in his rankings but acknowledges a superb opening weekend with victories by Eastern Washington, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Michigan and East Carolina. Of course, they're still not ranked. Elsewhere, note the market correction as Texas A&M moves up seven spots with that gravy win served over Rice. We promised to put the Aggies in their proper place if Johnny Manziel was eligible, and watch how much line cutting they do if they beat Alabama on Sept. 14. And, while it hurts to dunk-tank Rankman-favorites Oregon State and Boise State this early, here's hoping they meet in the Las Vegas Bowl. Check out the exciting race brewing between Louisiana State and Florida State for most miscalculated and undervalued preseason team.

1; Stanford 0-0; Can hold down this spot all year, especially if team doesn't play any games. (1)

2; Alabama 1-0; Highlight of Rankman trip to Chick-fil-A kickoff game was cow blimp inside Georgia Dome. (2)

3; Ohio State 1-0; Odd request: visiting San Diego State asks for slice of lime in each IV. (3)

4; Oregon 1-0; Frosh RB Tyner available if/when needed — which figures to be Nov. 7 vs. Stanford. (4)

5; Clemson 1-0; Manhood should not feel threatened until Oct. 19 against Florida State. (7)

6; South Carolina 1-0; NFL scouts say Clowney knows someone who has a motor that never quits. (6)

7; Louisville 1-0; School will mount deer's head in office before a Heisman campaign for Bridgewater. (8)

8; Georgia 0-1; First team to stay in Rankman top 10 after losing two of its last three games. (5)

9; Florida 1-0; Gundy calls Muschamp after media outburst and says, "You need to dial it down a notch." (9)

10; Northwestern 1-0; Lipton invites to "Inside 'Injured' Actor's Studio" after hearing of Cal performance. (10)

11; Texas 1-0; ESPN Stats & Stuff reports Longhorns are first team booed at home during 56-7 win. (11)

12; Michigan 1-0; First met Notre Dame in 1887 outside a bar in South Bend. It was loathe at first sight. (13)

13; Louisiana State 1-0; New offensive coordinator Cameron could be best "Cam" to hit SEC since Newton. (15)

14; Texas A&M 1-0; School announces it has also cut off all Manziel interview requests from his teachers. (21)

15; Florida State 1-0; NCAA tested team for 57 ingredients after resounding win over Pitt at Heinz Field. (14)

16; Oklahoma State 1-0; Gundy ends hidden QB rotation and names Kessler permanent starter for USC. (18)

17; Arizona State 0-0; Opens against two straight state capitals; working on a home-and-home with Montpelier. (17)

18; UCLA (1-0); School agrees to split Hundley Heisman campaign costs with Louisville: total charges: $0.00. (22)

19; Washington 1-0; Breaking news: School announces it will remodel stadium every year and open with Boise. (NR)

20; Notre Dame 1-0; Kelly drops back, reverses field, now says Michigan is a rivalry … touchdown! (20)

21; Nebraska 1-0; "Holds" Wyoming to 34 points and 602 yards as fans over 50 are revived with smelling salts. (16)

22; Wisconsin 1-0; New coach Gary Andersen is man of hour after debut win over 60 or so Minutemen. (24)

23; Oklahoma 1-0; Switzer Vineyards sends Stoops bottle of 1985 Chateau Jamelle Holieway for 150th win. (25)

24; Miami 1-0; Seismologists prepare instruments for Duke Johnson running into Florida's defense. (NR)

25; Fresno State 1-0; Gathered at midfield with Rutgers players after game for sunrise prayer service. (23)

Dropped out: Boise State (12), Oregon State (19).

Moved in: Washington, Miami.

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