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VIDEO: Kansas City police save a small deer stuck in the rain

September 05, 2013|By Matt Pearce

Here's a bit of feel-good video out of Missouri: On Sunday, Kansas City, Mo., police helped guide a confused young deer -- stuck on a bridge during a thunderstorm -- to safety.

A perhaps aptly named officer, Jason Rains, spotted the small doe wandering into traffic on the 87th Street bridge in the rain, police said.

Dashcam footage from Rains' police cruiser, uploaded to YouTube, shows the frightened doe smashing repeatedly into a concrete barrier on the bridge, which officials said sits about 100 feet over the Blue River.

The doe then laid down in the road before officers approached, with lightning flashing in the background.

“She was just lying there, shaking,” Rains said in a statement. “Her leg was caught in one of those drainage holes on the bridge. It was her entire leg, all the way up to her body.”

With the help of Sgt. Steven Sandusky, the police freed the doe's leg, and Sandusky, using a baton, gently guided the frightened doe away to safety at a nearby wooded area.

“She went and lay down back there,” Rains said. “I came back an hour later, and she was gone.”


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