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Letters: Better messengers for the GOP?

September 07, 2013

Re "How to build a better GOP," Opinion, Sept. 3

The GOP needs to tell better stories?

As a registered independent, I've heard all the stories from the GOP that I can stand. Who can forget "mission accomplished"? Mitt Romney had a great story to tell about the 47%. I can't recall the third story Rick Perry told during a debate for his party's nomination. And now Rand Paul has a fabulous story of how Syrian President Bashar Assad protects Christians.

Not once does Jonah Goldberg mention Abraham Lincoln and his story about inclusiveness. Talk about "adamantine convictions."

Frank Poynton

Van Nuys

I have to disagree with Goldberg when he says "the question isn't how to find better leaders but how to make the leaders we have better."

The GOP has been taken over by conservatives, but not ones in the mold of Barry Goldwater. He stood for individual rights and limited government, which is the opposite of what the GOP stands for today.

Yes, we do need better leaders.

Charlie Morgan

San Clemente


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