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Some fliers would give up bathroom access for onboard Wi-Fi

September 08, 2013|By Hugo Martin
  • Some fliers would give up comfort, quiet and bathrooms for Wi-Fi on planes.
Some fliers would give up comfort, quiet and bathrooms for Wi-Fi on planes. (Alaska Airlines )

Wireless Internet access on planes has become so essential that some travelers are willing to give up comfort, sustenance and even peace and quiet to get it.

For example, 61% of fliers who were questioned said having no Wi-Fi on a flight was worse than sitting in a seat that doesn’t recline, according to a survey of more than 2,000 adult Americans conducted on behalf of Honeywell Aerospace, a division of Honeywell Inc.

That same survey found that 32% of passengers said getting disconnected from onboard Wi-Fi was worse than sitting next to a crying baby.

If fliers had to give up a service or comfort to get the best Wi-Fi service possible, 32% of U.S. travelers said they would give up a seat that reclines, 42% said they would do without snacks and 13% said they forgo access to bathrooms on the plane.

What can fliers accomplish with access to onboard Internet?

One U.S. passenger planned an entire wedding from a plane, according to the survey.

Another U.S. traveler received a college acceptance letter while in the air.

A flier from London even filed for divorce from an airplane.


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