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Letters: Immigrant, yes, but a lawyer?

September 08, 2013

Re "Case dims for would-be lawyer," Sept. 5

If anyone wants a case of a government in disarray, the article about immigrant Sergio C. Garcia's 18-year wait for his green card to be granted should be a prime example.

Living most of his life in California and passing the state bar exam on the first try should prove sufficient reason to qualify for a green card, especially since his application was approved long ago.

What's really going on here? Oh, yes — there's always "disarray."

JoAnn Baldwin Hyslop

Sherman Oaks

How ironic that the obituary photo of Proposition 187 activist Barbara Coe is next to the articleon Garcia. Obviously, immigration reform has not progressed in the last 20 years.

Let the madness live on.

Marc Lebovitz

Newport Beach


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