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Watch Eminem's not so smooth ESPN interview with Brent Musberger

September 09, 2013|By Dan Loumena

Eminem in the booth with ESPN's Brent Musberger and Kurt Herbstreit to promote his upcoming album, "MMLP2," is one thing, but Musberger calling the hip-hop/rap artist a legend? That's quite another.

During an odd and sometimes rambling interview, the artist known as Slim Shady admitted he was uncomfortable, saying he was a bit intimidated by sharing the booth with a legendary broadcaster such as Musberger. "Live TV kind of freaks me out," Eminem said.

That's odd, since he has battled it out onstage in freestyle competitions.

Musberger didn't blink when Eminem dropped the legend compliment on him. "You are the legend, my friend," replied Musberger, who then reeled off a number of his chart-topping numbers.

Earlier, Eminem stumbled during the first portion of the interview when given a chance to promote his new album.

“Um, nothing,” Eminem said. “No, when it’ll be out Nov. 5, I’ll probably be most excited to be done with it. It’s called ‘Marshall Mathers II.’ It’s kind of a revisit to the first ‘Marshall Mathers’ album.”

Eminem's first single and video off the album will be "Berzerk."

As for his favorite team, the Detroit Lions, he didn't want to make a prediction for their season-opening game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m not sure, man,” he said. “I don’t ever make a prediction on the Lions, because I don’t want to jinx it.”


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