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'Escape from Tomorrow' trailer shows Disneyland in eerie light

September 11, 2013|By Amy Kaufman
  • A shot from Randy Moore's guerrilla Disney film "Escape from Tomorrow."
A shot from Randy Moore's guerrilla Disney film "Escape from… (PDA )

Is Disneyland really the happiest place on Earth?

Not according to a new trailer for "Escape from Tomorrow," the buzzed-about film shot guerrilla-style at Disney amusement parks by a first-time filmmaker.

"People come here because they want to feel safe," an ominious voice warns in the preview, "but bad things happen everywhere -- especially here."

The film, set for a limited theatrical and VOD release on Oct. 11, centers on a father who takes his family on a vacation to the ride-filled wonderland. But between riding the teacups and meeting Mickey Mouse, things start to go awry. In the trailer, for instance, the protagonist is shocked when his son's eyes suddenly become black. 

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The black-and-white picture is the brainchild of Randy Moore, who filmed the low-budget production at the Anaheim, Calif. and Orlando, Fla., Disney parks without permission. The filmmaker was so anxious about Disney finding out about the film before its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January that he traveled all the way to South Korea to edit it in secret.

"Escape from Tomorrow" caused a stir at Sundance, with many people questioning whether the film would ever reach theaters, considering how protective Walt Disney Co. is of its brand. (The trailer does begin by noting that "the following picture has not been approved for all audiences by the Walt Disney Company.") 

The Mouse House has yet to publicly comment on the movie.


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