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Watch Justin Bieber's cringe-worthy appearance on 'Lolly'

September 17, 2013|By Gerrick D. Kennedy
  • A screenshot from the video for "Lolly," the new single from R&B singer-hitmaker Maejor Ali, left, that also features Justin Bieber and Juicy J.
A screenshot from the video for "Lolly," the new single from… (YouTube )

Justin Bieber’s transition from cute tween pop star to adult heartthrob continues its rocky, oft-confusing, but wholly entertaining journey.

His latest entry into “SMH” career moments is “Lolly,” the new single from R&B singer-hitmaker Maejor Ali (formerly Bei Maejor) that features cringe-worthy rap verses from Bieber and strip-club king Juicy J.

The single was released earlier this year, and its video made its debut Tuesday.

“Lolly” is a completely sturdy entry into R&B/hip-hop, a style that continues to be a staple on club dance floors and in strip clubs. There’s the punishing, bass-heavy bounce of a beat, an anthemic singalong chorus and a catchy move to replicate on dance floors.

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The lolly dance, as its been aptly dubbed, spent most of Tuesday ingrained on Twitter as Bieber’s rapid fan base did its due diligence of turning anything endorsed by the impermeable singer into an online trend. Choice tweet: "Dear twerking, you'll be missed but it's all about the #lollydance"

But what’s troubling is not the dance itself, or Bieber’s rapping, which continues to be frightfully horrendous (“I'm all fancy yeah I'm popping Pellegrino / I'm in the El Camino when I pull up on the scen-o"). It's what countless of his young teenage fans are actually dancing to.

The song's subject matter is far from innocent, despite how inoffensive the accompanying visual might be.

Need something else to cringe to?

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Molly (MDNA, or Ecstasy, for those not in the know) pops up in the song -- more than once, continuing the trend of glorifying the club drug that's been a literal music festival killer (more than once). Sure it rhymes with "Lolly," but according to Juicy J’s verse, “Molly make her lose them underwear.” And if that’s not enough, Juicy also makes a reference to running a train, as Bieber and Ali dance alongside him.

So yeah. Yikes.

You can watch the video below, but be warned, there are a few obscenities.  


Gerrick Kennedy


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