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Rick Neuheisel sings Johnny Manziel's praises (he really sings them)

September 17, 2013|By Chris Foster

Rick Neuheisel’s career path has gone in interesting directions since he was asked to leave UCLA.

The former Bruins coach is a polished commentator for the Pac-12 Networks. For those who don’t have DirecTV, he is funny and insightful.

Musically, though, he still has a ways to go. He popped up on the "Dan Patrick Show" this week to sing "The Ballad of Johnny Manziel," borrowing the tune from Marty Robbins' "El Paso."

It’s not a hit. “Flattening out the Tide” could have used some work. If there is an album in the works, leave this one for the special box-set edition (along with an autographed picture of Manziel).

The song was not offensive -- “not offensive” being the running theme for Neuheisel’s UCLA teams. But Rick might have remembered that the guy gets killed at the end of "El Paso."

What was shameful was Patrick seemingly being unaware of Marty Robbins. Now if "El Paso" was UTEP's fight song....


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