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Apple Campus 2 plans updated; city approval possible in October

September 18, 2013|By Chris O'Brien

The city of Cupertino on Wednesday posted updated versions of Apple's planning documents for its proposed new campus, along with a schedule of hearings. 

If all goes smoothly, Apple could get official approval next month to begin the process of clearing the land and building the campus that was the dream of Steve Jobs. 

The following hearings are now scheduled in the coming weeks: 

1. A joint City Council/Planning Commission session on Oct. 1.

2. A Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 2.

3. A City Council meeting on  Oct. 15.

The council could vote to approve the project on that Oct. 15 meeting. But the council would have to hold what's called a "second hearing" on Nov. 19 to officially certify the vote.

In any case, Apple is no doubt eager to push the process forward. The company has already pushed the completion date back from 2015 to 2016. And even now, that latter date will be ambitious. 

As part of the update posted on Wednesday, the city disclosed a "Development Area Allocation" document from Apple that provides some addtional nuggets of information about the interior of its spaceship campus. That document is posted above. 


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