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Watch Prince Fielder grab a nacho from a fan after chasing foul ball

September 19, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Detroit first baseman Prince Fielder had three hits, one run batted in and two runs scored during the Tigers' 5-4 victory over Seattle on Thursday.

He also had a little snack during the fifth inning, courtesy of an unsuspecting fan at Comerica Park.

After chasing a high-bouncing ball into foul territory, Fielder found himself hanging over the railing into the stands -- and right next to a fan holding a way-too-tempting batch of nachos.

Mmmmm ... don't mind if I do.

Fielder was about as cool as a nacho thief can get too, just snatching the chip away, munching on it and wiping his mouth with his jersey as he jogged back into position.

Fueled by the mid-game snack, Fielder went on to drive in the tying run and then score the game-winner during the seventh inning.


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