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Jim Mora says he was unaware of Shaquelle Evans' USC comments

September 19, 2013|By Chris Foster
  • Wide receiver Shaquelle Evans slips past Nebraska cornerback Ciante Evans.
Wide receiver Shaquelle Evans slips past Nebraska cornerback Ciante Evans. (Eric Francis / Getty Images )

UCLA receiver Shaquelle Evans, who is from Inglewood High School, was asked about USC on a sports talk show on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles.

"I’m from the ‘Wood, so all I hear is SC. ‘Oh, when y’all play SC, they're going to beat you,''' Evans said Wednesday. "Beating them last year and knowing that we're going to beat them again this year, especially two years ago when they beat us 50-0, we owe them a little bit when we go to the Coliseum. Last time we were there, they embarrassed us. So this year we're going to try and embarrass them, honestly.

"It's so much fun ... just seeing them, they're struggling, like how we used to struggle. Now, they're struggling. It's just awesome to see that. I hate 'em, so I'm just loving it.”

After the radio interview, UCLA Coach Jim Mora said he was unaware of the comments, then launched into an endorsement for Evans.

“Shaq’s a heck of a receiver, I think he is probably one more under-appreciated regionally and nationally receiver I know of,” Mora said. “... He's big fast, physical, has great competitiveness. I love having him on the team.”

Asked again about the comments, Mora said, “We’re worried about New Mexico State right now. I don’t follow that stuff.”

Evans was unavailable for comment. UCLA players are not made available to the media on Thursdays during game week.


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