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Sen. John McCain takes break from world issues to rip into Dodgers

September 20, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck
  • Arizona Sen. John McCain isn't a fan of the Dodgers' victory celebration at Chase Field on Thursday.
Arizona Sen. John McCain isn't a fan of the Dodgers' victory… (Mandel Ngan / Getty Images )

I would like to begin by informing you I voted for Sen. John McCain in 2008, but we’ve had these discussions about honesty before.

Still, I’ve always had a soft spot for the old coot, but the man who brought us Sarah Palin now may have finally gone too far.

Linking to a provincial post in the Arizona Republic with the headline “The Dodgers are idiots,” the good senator has taken time out from dressing down Vladimir Putin and trying to shut down the government, to rip the Boys in Blue.

In a tweet he said the Dodgers pool-jumping was a “No-class act by a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats!”

Funny, I don’t remember him ever going after President Obama so forcibly, but then the Dodgers did jump in the Diamondbacks’ pool. Sometimes people just cross the line and senators have to speak out.

Now I know the good people of Arizona may not have been thrilled with seeing the Dodgers celebrate beating the Diamondbacks and clinching the division Thursday by jumping into that pool beyond the outfield fence, but I’m pretty sure they’ve experienced greater transgressions against their local sporting pride.

You know, like blowing a 9½-game lead on those spoiled brats to now find themselves 10½ back and eliminated. But then the temerity of those immature ballplayers, running out into an empty ballpark after all the Diamondbacks had left the field to jump in the pool and splash around.

It’s a pool. Understand that Phoenix has more than one. It is not a shrine to the Great Cactus God in the Sky or some monument to Jay Bell, or whoever the greatest Diamondback is of all time. It is not holy water. It’s a goofy pool in a ballpark.

Still, McCain – the great maverick -- couldn’t help himself. This train of the indignant had left the Arizona station, and the Senate’s favorite curmudgeon was not about to be left behind. Even though I’m pretty sure he may have something more important to do.

Some in the Valley of the Sun have got themselves in a tizzy over this because they pointed out the Diamondbacks asked the Dodgers if they did clinched while in Phoenix, that once they left the field, not to return.

Right, somebody is going to tell the Dodgers – or any other team – how and where to celebrate winning a title. Sorry, sports – and life – do not work that way. Winners and the spoils.

Some of the other incensed claim the Dodgers were mocking a grand Diamondbacks tradition, because the D-backs frolicked in the pool when they won in 2011. Apparently something happens once in Phoenix and it’s tradition.

The Dodgers jumped in a pool and splashed around and had some fun. I thought it was great. The crowd was gone, the Diamondbacks were gone. It’s not like they were taunting anyone.

Phoenix is actually a huge metropolitan area – sixth largest in the country – but has never seemed so small. Its senator included. He’s the one who looks like he’s stomping his feet and holding his breath There, there, it’ll be all right.

He is right about the Dodgers being well compensated, what with the largest payroll in baseball history. Not so sure about being overpaid, though, since they did win.

And don’t forget boys and girls, the Dodgers open the 2014 season next year against the Diamondbacks in Australia. Alert its parliament. There is some hallowed cricket ground out there. And Sydney has lots of pools.

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