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Apple users are upgrading to iOS 7 at a record pace

September 23, 2013|By Chris O'Brien
  • The new iPhone 5s is displayed during an Apple product announcement.
The new iPhone 5s is displayed during an Apple product announcement. (Justin Sullivan / Getty…)

Owners of Apple devices have been upgrading to the radically redesigned iOS 7 that was released last Wednesday faster than any previous version.

Apple reported Monday that 200 million iOS devices are running the new operating system.

The company likes to tout the fact that the vast majority of its customers use the latest version of its mobile operating system. Apple argues that makes its experience superior to Android devices, which tend to be more fragmented with many running on much older versions of the Google operating system. 

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According to statistics from Fiksu, a mobile analysts firm, more than 50% of all iOS devices have  upgraded to iOS 7. Indeed, the rush to upgrade last Wednesday led to long waits and error messages for many users who apparently overwhelmed Apple's servers. 

The Fiksu report says that at this same point, less than 40% of users had upgraded to iOS 6, and less than 30% had upgraded to iOS 5. 

The percentages are even more impressive considering there are far more devices running iOS than there were two years ago. 

With Apple also announcing it sold a record 9 million new iPhones during the first weekend, investors sent the company's stock up $17.67 or 3.78% to $485.08.


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