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Letters: An argument for more gun control

September 24, 2013

Re "Gun laws for mentally ill not so easy," Sept. 22

The instant background check on Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis is no replacement for an in-depth universal background check. If the media were able so quickly to uncover information about Alexis' troubled history, an in-depth background check would have also.

Gun advocates use the fact that the shooter purchased his gun legally with a background check to show that additional laws would be ineffective. In fact, the instant, inadequate background check that Alexis passed is a result of the gun lobby's efforts to limit gun restrictions.

William J. Chartier

Los Angeles

Guns make us safe. I feel safe here in America. I feel sorry for the Europeans, who live on a continent overrun by hordes of unarmed people.

The proper use of guns keeps the death rate from disease down. Guns should be part of every nation's health plan.

Guns are good.

Barry Carlton

El Cajon


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