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Letters: The fur flies in West Hollywood

September 24, 2013

Re "Shops feel clipped by WeHo fur sales ban," Sept. 21

Your front-page article on the terrible inconveniences suffered by West Hollywood retailers as a result of the city's new ban on fur apparel sales rekindled nostalgia for other bygone freedoms. We've already lost the freedom to have a few laughs at Rome's Colosseum, to use slave labor to run our businesses more efficiently and to let off a little steam by socking the "little woman." Where will it end?

Seriously, The Times is an excellent paper, so I have faith that we'll soon see a follow-up front-page article about fur farms. Evidently, some independent West Hollywood boutique owners need to learn that to cut off someone's skin makes it even harder to survive.

Deb C.Z. Hirsch

Palm Springs

How glib for the Goldsmith & Klein fashion shop to quote Abraham Lincoln, saying, "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."

By selling fur clothes, this store denied the ultimate freedom — life — to beautiful, God-given creatures. And the death comes after being raised without freedom in cages, just for the vanity of supposedly civilized, educated people showing off their wealth while so many others lack simple life-sustaining basics.

And what gall to compare the freedom to wear dead animals as bodily decor to freeing human slaves.

West Hollywood's cruelty-free zone sets an example for all purportedly civilized communities and gives me hope for the day when humans stop causing any pain.

Lynda Austin



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