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Letters: Rim fire heroes

September 25, 2013

Re "Risky Rim fire tactics save big trees," Sept. 23

I was completely captivated by this account of the ultimately successful effort to keep the Rim fire from destroying some of California's oldest and most precious natural wonders. I, like so many others, just can't imagine our state without Yosemite.

The ancient trees there have survived the threat of total destruction by fire for centuries, but that survival is never guaranteed. Those firefighters who helped save Yosemite are heroes of the highest order.

After reading this article, I truly wanted to express my deep gratitude to the key firefighting staff who were mentioned by name, and to the crews who were not.

Personally, I think this article should have been on the front page. This is a big, big story in so many ways.

Anne Tryba

La CaƱada Flintridge


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