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Letters: Lower-calorie fast food is still fast food

September 26, 2013

Re "Burger King launches low-fat French fries," Sept. 25

Burger King's new Satisfries won't reduce waistlines. These lower-calorie fries are part of a marketing ploy to convince Americans that fast food can be healthy.

Burger King benefits from Americans being obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of adults and 17% of children in America are obese.

As a nursing student, I see the long-term effects of obesity on a regular basis. These are serious problems that can only be helped with major lifestyle changes to lower weight and improve overall health. These changes can't be made with diet soda and low-calorie fast food.

Americans need to understand what real dietary changes are. Eating food that is only less bad for you is not the answer to leading a healthy life.

Tatiana Guertin

San Diego


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