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Stabbing death doesn't feel like real world, but unimaginable one

September 26, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

It’s one of those blank-screen days. When the video monitor just sits there empty, not mocking because you can’t find anything clever to write, just empty.

There are only so many slow sighs that can be released, so many times the eyes can be closed without hope that when opened anything will be different.

It is sports, right? About fun and games? Exciting and passionate entertainment?

You feel happy when your team wins, down when they don’t, maybe just thrilled when you watch two teams you really have no particular rooting interest in that perform at an amazing level.

What do you feel when sports takes an unimaginable leap to murder? That’s rhetorical, hopefully. First it has to be fathomed, then processed, then ... what?

A 24-year-old Dodgers fan was stabbed to death about four blocks from AT&T Park after the Dodgers-Giants game Wednesday night. Two men have been arrested. This follows a Giants fan being severely beaten in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium in 2011 after another Dodgers-Giants game.

So you sigh, feel the heaviness, the absolute soulful sadness.

The particulars will come later. If alcohol was a factor, who said what first, who started a fight that included up to 10 people. What we know right now is, a young life was lost. A great rivalry turned dark.

And you sigh, and feel empty.

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