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Top doctors: Paying for the honor of a directory listing

September 30, 2013|By David Lazarus

S.G.'s friend, a doctor, recently received an overture from something called "Leading Physicians of the World," a directory of, well, leading physicians of the world.

S.G. wants to know: Who are these guys?

These guys are basically purveyors of vanity publishing, but with a twist. There's apparently no fee to get into the directory.

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"Leading Physicians of the World" says that doctors are invited to join the ranks of the elite only after the organizaton's researchers have conducted a thorough investigation. Maybe so.

But here's the thing: To get your name listed in this directory, you have to first join a group called the International Assn. of Healthcare Professionals, and that can apparently run hundreds of dollars.

Here's my suggestion: Buy yourself a mug that says "World's Greatest Dad" or "World's Greatest Mom." It'll be a lot cheaper and will help with those self-esteem issues.

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