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April Fools' Day tech roundup: GIF bombs, artificial partners and more

April 01, 2014|By Salvador Rodriguez | This post has been updated. See the note below for details.

As always, the tech world is embracing April Fools' Day 2014 in full force, with countless gags from Google, Sony and many others in the space.

Here are some of the funniest tech-themed April Fools' Day jokes from around the Web:

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge: Google Maps jokingly challenged users to collect 150 Pokemon to land a job as Google's Pokemon Master. However, the navigation app really was updated to include a neat Pokemon mini-game in which users go around catching the cartoon characters.

Gmail Shelfies: Gmail took credit for starting the selfie trend for its April Fools' joke. It also let users upload selfies, use them as their Gmail background pictures and share them with others as well, coining the term "Shelfies" in the process.

Google Chrome emoji translations: Meanwhile, the mobile version of Google Chrome jumped on another popular tech trend: emojis. An update to the Apple iOS and Android versions of the Web browser will let users translate articles in English into ones where every other word substituted by one of the popular cartoon emoji icons.

YouTube 2014 viral trends: The Google-owned service joked it masterminds the trends we love, such as Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake, and it jokingly unveiled its lineup of 2014 viral trends. This year, we have "Clocking," the "Glub Glub Water Dance," and "Kissing Dad." And for the first time ever, YouTube also encouraged users to start their own trends.

Sony Power Food: For its joke, Sony announced new Power Food, which is food that provides both you and your devices with energy. 

"Camera about to die while snapping photos at your daughter’s birthday party? Power up directly through the birthday cake -- Sony Power Food Cake Mix comes in three delicious flavors: Vanilla, Classic Chocolate and Red Velvet," the Japanese company's satirical news release said. 

Redbox gets colorful: The video rental service announced its distribution boxes will now change colors to match users' moods. Blue means you need cheering up, gold means you want an award-winning film and green means you want something with action. Unfortunately, the Redbox mood box isn't real, but users really can get $0.50 off rentals when they plug in a special April Fools' Day code.

Selfiebot by Orbotix: Orbotix is a company that creates little robotic toys, such as the Sphero, and for April Fools' it created the Selfiebot, a small little robot that flies around users snapping photos of their best moments. Sadly, the Selfiebot doesn't actually exist, but many probably wish it actually did.

Human-print clothes for cats: Cheezburger, the humorous online website, teamed up with clothing company Betabrand to announce human-print clothes for cats.

"Why is it there are plenty of cat-print clothes for humans, yet cat clothes with human-print are so scarce?" Cheezburger said in an email. "We wanted our feline friends to feel the love and that's why we've teamed up with online clothing community, Betabrand, on a new limited-edition cat apparel collection."

Check out the whole collection online.

Google+ #Hoffsome photobombs: Google+ updated its service with a neat little feature that automatically adds a David Hasselhoff to photos that users upload onto the social network.

"To get your own photobomb, upload a new self portrait or group photo with friends, and leave a little room for The Hoff," Google said in a blog. "He might just make a surprise appearance. :-)"

Uber, Toms shoes team up for shuberX: Uber and Toms shoes chose to partner up for their gag, announcing shuberX, a joke version of Uber's ridesharing service in which "drivers" show up with vehicles powered by their own legs, Flintstones-style.

"As Uber scales, we simply don't have the time to reinvent the wheel. So what if we un-invent it?" an Uber staffer says in the company's April Fools' Day video.

Twitter Helmet announced: Twitter joined in on the fun by announcing the Twitter Helmet, a wearable device that allows users to tweet by performing a "pecking" motion with their heads.

"Good Morning America" was able to get its hands on a prototype of the fictional device.

"You barely can tell that I'm tweeting right now," "GMA's" Sara Haines said while wearing the device and bobbing her head.

Reddit introduces Headdit: Reddit's gag was the new "Headdit," a fictional feature that lets users browse the popular website through facial gestures in front of their webcams. Users nod to scroll through links, nod vigorously to give upvotes, frown to give downvotes, appear shocked to open links and place their cats in front of their cameras to launch "cat mode."

Samsung's pigeon-powered Wi-Fi: In real life, Facebook is building drones and Google is making balloons to provide Internet to parts of the world that don't yet have it. As a joke, Samsung is solving the same problem... but with pigeons.

"If you think about that, it makes perfect sense. They're everywhere," a Samsung staffer says in a video for Fli-Fy, the fictional service.

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