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Letters: The IPCC's wake-up call

April 05, 2014

Re "Climate change here and now," Editorial, April 1

The reality of global warming isn't disputed: It's clearly for real, and it will get worse if we don't act now.

Because all of us are affected, it would seem to be a time for cooperation across the aisle. But global warming has become politicized, just another issue for Republicans and Democrats to take sides on.

A slowly rising fee on carbon-based fuels is a good way to cut heat-trapping gases going into the atmosphere. Congress could make that happen, but there won't be much progress if we don't move beyond old ways of thinking and cooperate. Our kids are depending on us.

David Lutz


Yes, humans are, in a very real and dramatic way, changing the planet — one might even say destroying it. Habitat and animals are disappearing, the oceans are over-fished, the rivers are polluted and humans are everywhere.

The planet is a much less beautiful and healthy place than it was when I was born 60 years ago.

The real issue is human overpopulation, something rarely talked about anymore. Politicians avoid it because it's political suicide to mention it. People don't want someone messing with their right to have children.

Consequently, your children and their children will have a hot, ugly, sad and overcrowded world to live in.

David Rowe

Palos Verdes Estates

In the words of the late, great philosopher George Carlin: "The planet isn't going anywhere. We are."

Steve Lawrence

Los Angeles

And in the same day's Business section, "Exxon says demand to persist for oil, gas."

Say no more.

Barri Clark

Los Angeles


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