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UConn erupts into wild, sometimes ugly, celebration after NCAA win

April 08, 2014|By Chuck Schilken
  • Connecticut students in Storrs, Conn., celebrate their team's 60-54 victory over Kentucky in the NCAA championship game Monday.
Connecticut students in Storrs, Conn., celebrate their team's 60-54… (Jessica Hill / Associated…)

A massive celebration broke out on the Connecticut campus Monday night and into Tuesday morning following the Huskies' 60-54 victory over Kentucky for the NCAA mens' basketball championship.

You know how these things often go. Most of the students probably were just enjoying themselves, basking in the aftermath of their team's unlikely run through March Madness.

“By far, most of our students have conducted themselves safely and responsibly,” UConn Police Chief Barbara O'Connor said Tuesday morning.

But, of course, there were some who got carried away. Way too carried away. A lamp post was put through a window in an engineering building, furniture was overturned inside the student union, fireworks were set off overhead.

By 1:30 a.m., campus police had made 30 arrests, with others made by state police and more expected later, according to university spokesman Tom Breen.

“A lot of it was alcohol-related,” Breen said. “There was breech of peace, destruction of property, and we had a fireworks charge.”

No major injuries were reported.

The Twitter account BarstoolUConn posted numerous photos and videos all allegedly depicting the scene, including a photo of an overturned car and a video of young men hurling large pieces of furniture at a parked (and hopefully unoccupied) car.

Some websites have gone as far as describing the scene as a riot. You can be the judge of that.

Incidentally, UConn's women's team also is playing for a national title tonight.


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