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Conan O'Brien reveals the secret to his signature hairdo

April 15, 2014|By Patrick Kevin Day

Conan O'Brien has gotten a lot of comic mileage out of his distinctive pompadour of red hair that juts up in the middle of his scalp like a wave. But it wasn't until O'Brien hosted the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday that he finally revealed the secret (and the work) behind how he gets that hair.

"A lot of snafus last night," O'Brien told his audience during his Monday night monologue. "I almost wasn't ready for the show when it began. It came right down to the wire."

If the setting looks familiar in this video, it's because O'Brien is parodying Christian Bale's introduction in "American Hustle," meticulously arranging the final wisps of hair on top of his scalp. 

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While O'Brien may have been taken enough with "American Hustle" to do a parody of it, the MTV Movie Awards audience chose to honor "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" as the favorite movie of the year.

Two things we will never fully understand: the minds of the MTV Movie Awards audience and the lengths to which O'Brien would go to appear in his normal look.


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