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Letters: Danger signs for California

April 25, 2014

Re “Does fracking cause quakes?,” Editorial, April 20

Thanks for your clearly voiced concerns about fracking. Certainly the geology of California, which is significantly different from other oil shale areas, implies both a risk of major seismic events and increased difficulty in containing the toxic wastes generated.

The other potential problems with fracking are almost too numerous to mention in a short letter, including release of more greenhouse gases and local pollution of surface, ground and ocean water, as well as air pollution and transportation issues.

Pauline Seales
Santa Cruz

I'm glad to see The Times supporting a moratorium on fracking in this state.

However, the problem with fracking goes deeper than just seismic activity.

We can look at countless cases throughout the country where fracking has led to tainted aquifers, massive methane releases, noxious gas leaks, explosions and dangerous waste water spills.

States like North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas know the other side of the fracking coin all too well. Not to mention that during the drought emergency in California, we cannot spare the millions of gallons of water that the fracking industry requires.

Mac Farrell
The writer is Environment California's global warming organizer.

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