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In short, the clips cover just about everything

Creativity is cut to the quick with comedy, zippy traffic reports, sliced-up scenic vistas and even 15-second TV shows.

February 09, 2014

Take a tour of L.A. in video-bites — just a sample of what's available in the format:


Local Vine star Curtis Lepore has 2.6 million followers for his mini-comedy sketches, plus accounts for his dog and his praying mantis.

"Desert Friends," billed as "the world's first Instagram TV show," plays out in 15-second episodes, a couple of which are vaguely amusing. Perhaps the world's second, third and fourth Instagram TV shows will get better.

Tours of the city

Go on a six-second trip on Fairfax

with @GlitteratiTours

or enjoy a ride on the Bonaventure elevator with @LAHistory

Pete Halvorsen's videos, many of which feature glamour shots of the Manhattan Beach Pier, are like moving photographs set to music.

Traffic reports

It's L.A., so of course people are Vine-ing and driving: aspiring actress Ayden Mayeri does most of her Vines from her car.

Mike Nardelli plays Red Light, Green Light.

Photographer Dan Marker-Moore's (@danorst) time-lapse Instagram videos make even traffic jams look like beautiful, hypnotic dreamscapes.


Stop-motion animators took to Vine like fish to water, with often enchanting results like Ian Padgham's "Woodman" Vines starring a wooden artist's model.

Before Instagram even released its video feature, animation team Friends in Faux stitched about 1,600 individual Instagram photos into a gleeful 2:51 short about animators toying with a beachgoer.

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