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Letters: Let the complaints begin about Sochi Olympics coverage

Readers support Winter Games athletes, no matter how poorly they perform. Unless they take it to the bank.

February 14, 2014
  • Snowboarder Shaun White is one of a handful of favored Americans who failed to medal at the Sochi Olympics. Conversely, several unheralded competitors, including some from the U.S. have prevailed.
Snowboarder Shaun White is one of a handful of favored Americans who failed… (Nhat V. Meyer / MCClatchy-Tribune )

Bill Plaschke's Feb. 13 article about disappointing Olympic performances should never have been printed. Has he ever competed for or received an Olympic medal? Our fabulous, hard-working athletes have spent their lives achieving a spot on the US Olympic Team. They deserve better than Plaschke's ridicule. After putting so much effort in their events, we know their hearts are broken, which happens by mere fractions of a second. They are our heroes and should be lauded as such!

Joann Duray

Playa del Rey


I find it disgusting that Bill Plaschke called Shaun White "the biggest loser of all" in his Olympics rant. All great champions win some and, yes, lose some. Shaun has always represented the USA very well at the Olympics and only a real loser would take a cheap shot at him now.

James D. Regan



Dear Mr. Plaschke;

The 20th century called. It says you're welcome to go there and watch the Olympics of the last century.

Welcome to globalization. The U.S no longer has a lock on about anything besides early-onset diabetes and pseudo-celebrities.

Jeff Heister



I am not a conspiracy theorist, but given the dismal showing of U.S. winter sports stars Bode Miller, Shaun White, Shani Davis, et al, and the long history of the Russians poisoning their enemies and opponents, and Vladimir Putin's increasingly iron grip on all things Russian, is it possible that the Russians are slipping some poison in the American athletes' food or drink?

Or is it just that the competition is stiff and the stars are getting old?

Daniel Fink

Beverly Hills


Following his eighth-place finish, Shani Davis commented, "This is terrible because as an American, this is where I 'bank.'"

Mr. Davis may have banked on the Olympics for his payday, but the American public expects more from those representing our country than a self-centered display of personal greed.

Barry Resnick



Well, I guess we can add Chris Dufresne to the list of those taken in by the Bode Miller mystique. Nobody but a football writer would possibly buy into the endless rationalizations for why Miller failed in the downhill. According to Dufresne, if only clouds had not appeared; the temperature not risen; the race not been postponed 15 minutes — if only the race was run on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, surely Bode would have won the gold.

If the conditions were so bad when Bode ran, why did Italy's Christof Innerhofer, who raced eight positions later, wind up with the silver medal?

Mario Valvo

Rancho Mirage


I'd like to add another reason for the loss of interest in figure skating by the U.S. audience. It is no longer ballet on ice, with artistic skill replaced by athletic skill. Skaters are no longer judged by the beauty and grace of their performance but by how many quadruple jumps they do. It makes it easier for judges to count the number of jumps and not have the skill to judge beautiful performances. Fire whoever came up with the new standards of judging and go back to the days of Debi Thomas and Katarina Witt.

Walter Keller


So I settle in with friends to watch the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games, scheduled via tape delay, to start at 7:30 p.m. And what do I get but 40 minutes of posturing, and spin, and no ceremony. Nothing like being dishonest with the viewers.

And then we get the president talking about Americans winning medals, at the same time we are told that Americans shouldn't even wear their uniforms because of the low opinion and potential threats against them.

What strange and mixed messages being sent by NBC.

Barry Levy



American journalists need to stop pointing out the minor glitch during the opening ceremony. It is petty and embarrassing. Let's give credit where credit is due. The opening ceremony was technically nothing less than awe-inspiring. To focus on a few seconds of a three-hour production set a poor tone for coverage of the Games.

Kate Pretorius



The only name I remember hearing before the Olympics was Lindsey Vonn.

The only name I will remember hearing after the Olympics is Lindsey Vonn.

Mark Berglas

Huntington Beach

Sam comes out

Your first quote regarding the Michael Sam revelation is from a NFL executive, stating, "It is a non-issue."

Good. We're there now. No need to dwell on sexual orientation any more than we need articles on which hand a player shaves with, how many tattoos he/she has, or whether they're allergic to oysters.

Can we move on?

Rick Wallace



Memo to NFL management and players:

Come draft day, it will not be Michael Sam on trial but you. Overfed by the media, we all know how Missouri's SEC defensive player of the year was ranked before he courageously announced that he is gay. And we have all heard "whispers" from unidentified GMs who don't want the scrutiny/hassle/attention that an openly gay athlete would bring.

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