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CES 2014: Pebble Steel, a smartwatch for the fashionable [Video]

January 07, 2014|By Salvador Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS -- Pebble has rolled out the second edition of its popular smartwatch and it's worth checking out.

The new Pebble Steel is a premium version of the wearable gadget that costs $249 -- $100 more than its predecessor.

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Internally, the Steel functions the same as the original Pebble. It connects to a user's smartphone through Bluetooth to relay messages, function as music remote control and run apps.

The real difference is in the hardware. The Pebble Steel has stainless steel watch faces. Users can choose from the brushed steel version or from the black matte. Each version comes with a metal band or a leather band that users can swap whenever they want.

The Steel also offers a slimmer design than the one found on the original Pebble, a sporty looking smartwatch made out of plastic and rubbery material. The Steel also comes with a new LED light that eventually will be used by apps to give users notifications.

With its metallic and leather look, the Pebble steel is built for users who want a professional look as well as those who like their smartwatch to double as jewelry.

I got to try out the Pebble Steel for a few minutes Monday after it was announced. The biggest thing that stood out was just how snug it fit on my wrist. The smartwatch felt more comfortable than its predecessor while also having a more stylish design.

The Pebble Steel can be ordered now online for $249 and will begin shipping on Jan. 28.


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