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Letters: Well, they have little confidence in Lakers

There isn't much positive to say about the slumping team.

January 10, 2014
  • Nick Young looks to pass during the Lakers' loss to the Rockers, 113-99, on Wednesday. The Lakers had won one game in their last 10 before a matchup with the Clippers on Friday.
Nick Young looks to pass during the Lakers' loss to the Rockers, 113-99,… (Pat Sullivan / Associated…)

Does the Lakers' front office have a plan for the franchise? The media thinks it's a tank job for a high draft pick. Of course Mitch Kupchak denies this and espouses his support for Mike D'Antoni.

This cannot be right. This plan (if there is one) has to include dumping D'Antoni. Jim Buss and his jealous tendencies toward his sister have crippled this franchise. His insistence on attempting an impact without the help of Phil Jackson shows just how clueless he really is. He has failed at everything he has ever tried, only to be rescued and given another chance by his dad.

Dr. Buss putting him in total charge of the basketball operation has only accomplished the destruction of his significant legacy. Now Lakers fans everywhere must cover their eyes as the result is just too painful to watch

Bruce Alan

Granada Hills


On a positive note, it's unlikely that heaven gets the Lakers channel.

Michael Gray

Yorba Linda


So Mitch Kupchak gives Mike D'Antoni his vote of confidence and says he's doing a "great job." Meanwhile, true Laker Byron Scott, twice to the Finals as coach, is doing Jack-at-the-Half. This is a new era.

Frank Shapiro



Just read Mitch Kupchak's self-serving assessment of the Lakers' situation. It seems he is trying to sell a new pair of shoes to a one-legged man.

Bud Chapman



When the Lakers' free fall ends and the team hits rock bottom, there's one move they need to make if they're serious about rebuilding: Put Jim Buss on waivers.

Ron Ovadia



Has there been any Lakers player more maligned and under-appreciated in recent times than Pau Gasol? His name is constantly mentioned when any trade rumors pop up and his head seems to be continually on the block. Being the consummate professional that he is, Gasol has taken all the hits and abuse without breaking stride and has handled himself with dignity. In the meantime, he's actually beginning to round back into his previous form and contribute to the team with his solid all-around play. Lakers fans should be happy that he's still here.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


I am delighted with the Pro Calendar feature in your sports section. It's a wonderful idea, and makes it so convenient to see who this city's major sports teams will be playing. The reader knows at a glance where and when the games are played, and who the Lakers will lose against over the coming five days.

Michael E. White


Season's over

The BCS championship game had all of the thrills of a great event. What the game didn't have is equally surprising. Why would they hold this "main event" on a Monday when no one has parties and people like me are working for part of the game?

Brett Elkins

Los Angeles


How maddening to hear that inane tomahawk chop at the Granddaddy of bowl stadiums. Please never bring any tomahawking wahoos to the Rose Bowl again. If Native Americans are angered at the use of Redskins, that chant must really anger them.

Bruce N. Miller

Playa del Rey


Regarding Chris Dufresne's explanation of the NCAA's new simplified playoff system:


David Medrano


More to do

Thank you, Brett Hundley, for staying with UCLA! Kevin Love said he left a UCLA legacy (which he didn't). In order to create a legacy at UCLA in football one has to get UCLA to a Rose Bowl or two, and even better to a national championship, have significant wins against top BCS teams in your conference (Oregon, Stanford), and beat USC more than two years in a row. UCLA has done none of these.

Although UCLA has certainly made good progress toward attaining these goals, none of the things above have been achieved and a legacy has not been made yet. Brett, would you also consider staying for your senior year too (like Andrew Luck) to try and achieve these goals and solidify a wonderful legacy?

Steve Shaevel

Woodland Hills

Hall of what?

Selecting players to the Baseball Hall of Fame who played during the steroid era is not easy, but the 16 voters who left Greg Maddux off their ballot should all be drug tested themselves.

Larry Yells

Hermosa Beach


Baseball's only seven-time MVP and its only seven-time Cy Young winner not getting within sniffing distance of Hall of Fame election? Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus.

Regardless of whether these two were juiced, Bonds still had to hit the ball out of the yard and the guys pitching to him weren't exactly throwing Wiffle balls. Similarly, Clemens was likely pitching to guys who were just as juiced as he allegedly was — if not more so!

The Bambino was no saint and Ty Cobb would never qualify as Mr. Nice Guy, but both were selected for the Hall's first class and the world hasn't come to an end.

The BBWAA deserves the Hypocrite of the Century award.

Bill Bell

Mar Vista


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