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Watch Sandy Koufax present Clayton Kershaw with second Cy Young Award

January 27, 2014|By Steve Dilbeck

Like it’s not cool enough to be a young Dodgers pitching star and win a second Cy Young Award in three years, how about being presented the award by Sandy Koufax?

Kershaw was given his second National League Cy Young award over the weekend in New York, and there to present it was none other than Koufax.

When the Dodgers’ greatest left-hander spoke about the current one, Koufax wanted to make it clear that Kershaw was not his special project.

“Clayton Kershaw is not my protégé,” Koufax said. “Clayton Kershaw is his own person, his own man, and he’s done it all himself.

“It takes a very special pitcher and some great years to win your second Cy Young Award by the age of 25. Clayton Kershaw is a very special pitcher. He’s a very special teammate. He’s a very special person.”

Kershaw earned his 2013 award after going 16-9 with a 1.83 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP.

“As a player, Clayton has never been satisfied,” Koufax said. “He’s tried to get better every year. And if he gets better after the year he had this year, I’d like to apply for next year’s job of presenting this to him again.”

Style experts note: At the black-tie affair, Koufax wore a black and white polka-dot bowtie and pocket handkerchief, while Kershaw went with a straight black tie.

“Growing up, you never really think of being right here, you just dream of playing in the big leagues,” Kershaw said. “It’s every kid’s dream.

“You never think of sitting next to Sandy Koufax at a dinner in front of all these people. You certainly never think of being presented an award by Sandy Koufax.”

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