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Oscars 2014: The awards-show season's red carpet runway finale

March 02, 2014|By Adam Tschorn

As bow ties are tied and sticky tape is stuck all over town in the run-up to the Academy Awards, it’s worth taking a second to remember why the strut down the Oscars red carpet has become the seminal moment of the Hollywood fashion derby. Part of it is the exposure of the Academy Awards telecast to be sure, beaming around the globe in an all-at-once water-cooler moment that’s increasingly rare.

But in a town that spawned the adage, “You’re only as good as your last movie,” the same applies to red-carpet wardrobe choices. In addition to making a style statement (intentionally or unintentionally) it’s the last best chance to make up for previous fashion faux pas and a shot at redeeming oneself for sartorial transgressions earlier in the season. (Jennifer Lawrence and her penchant for pouf are but one example.) And, while whatever impression is made won’t be as permanent as the handprints in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, for many of today’s Dolby Theatre denizens, it will be the longest-lasting high-fashion impression they’ll have a chance to make until the next awards-show season kicks off in 2015.

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Our fashion critic Booth Moore, who is currently at Paris Fashion Week, will be tuning in to the red carpet arrivals -- and sharing her thoughts on same -- here on All The Rage throughout the evening, while Jenn Harris and I will be doing the same from our ATR perch in the Times building. And, if all goes according to plan, Jenn and I will be synthesizing it all for a video chat that will be online at 5 p.m. PST, leading into Kenneth Turan and Robin Abcarian’s coverage of the Academy Awards themselves.


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