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Teen killer 'just finally wanted to kill,' allegedly cited Satanism

March 03, 2014|From a Times staff writer

A San Jose man accused of killing his high school classmate for the thrill of it allegedly told police detectives that he had planned the attack for weeks and that it was endorsed by his religion, Satanism.

Jae Williams, who was 15 at the time, and his alleged 16-year-old accomplice, Randy Thompson, befriended Michael Russell for the sole purpose of killing him, and six weeks before his death in 2009, started looking for opportunities to carry out the attack, prosecutors say.

The new details contained in the transcript, obtained by the San Jose Mercury News, come roughly two weeks before jury selection begins in Williams' first-degree murder trial. Williams and Thompson are being tried separately as adults. Both are now 20 and face life sentences if convicted.

Authorities say Williams and Thompson lured Russell, 15, to their backyard and beat him for roughly six minutes. When they couldn't find a pulse, prosecutors say the teens slit Russell's throat.

"I guess I just finally wanted to kill somebody," Williams said, according to a transcript of the interview conducted two days after the killing. "I had my chance and I took it."

Before the alleged killing, Williams told detectives he had already slaughtered a rabbit and beaten a cat to death, according to the transcripts.

The pair allegedly started looking for opportunities to kill Russell about six weeks before they attacked him in his backyard. The three attended Santa Teresa High School in San Jose.

Williams and Thompson got their chance Nov. 10, when they went to his home and invited him to smoke marijuana with them. Russell went to a shed to look for a lighter, and when he came out the assault began, prosecutors say.

"It might not be a very good reason, but there is a reason," Williams said, according to the transcript. "'Cause we wanted to."


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