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Letters: Other views on how we see Cuba

March 08, 2014

Re "How do Americans see Cuba?," Opinion, March 6

Robyn Wapner is wrong to define the recent Atlantic Council survey of American opinions on Cuba as "one survey, one snapshot of public opinion, and one that appears to have had an agenda."

There have been a number of similar polls in recent years, and they all come up with strikingly similar results. The Atlantic Council poll results in 2014 show that 60% of Americans "want all economic restrictions lifted." A 2012 poll by Angus-Reid of more than 1,000 Americans found that 62% wanted diplomatic relations reestablished. The Bendixen national survey of Cuban Americans in 2009 revealed that 67% want all travel and money transfer restrictions on Cuba lifted. That number jumped to 76% among those ages 18 to 49.

The message is clear: Americans believe the Cuban embargo has failed. Wapner can't shoot the messenger.

Jack Shakely

Rancho Mirage


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