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Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen star in fake 'True Detective'

March 11, 2014|By Patrick Kevin Day

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting his show from Austin, Texas, this week and to celebrate one of the city's favorite sons, he paid tribute to Matthew McConaughey's stellar performance in the HBO series "True Detective."

As many people know, McConaughey and co-star Woody Harrelson were only signed on for one season of the anthology mystery series. Next season will have new actors in an entirely new story. But who will get those plum roles? Speculation is rampant on the Internet.

But Kimmel used his Monday night show to "reveal" the identities of season two's actors as well as the location of the second season. The new season of "True Detective" will take place in Austin, Texas, and it will star... Kimmel and Seth Rogen.

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It was an elaborate set-up for a sketch parodying "True Detective," with Kimmel in the Harrelson role and Rogen in the McConaughey role, mustache, Lone Stars and all.

In this version, Rogen quotes '80s song lyrics and confesses to a definite attraction to his partner. To make the sketch even more authentic, they brought in actor Michael Potts, who played Det. Maynard Gilbough in the actual "True Detective."

While Rogen does the best he can within the confines of a hastily slapped together late-night comedy show sketch, he does evoke the mystic ruminations of McConaughey's haunted detective Rust Cohle.

Kimmel, meanwhile, brings a toothpick prop and reminds us all why he's a talk show host and not an actor.


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