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Letters: Reagan's achievements?

March 15, 2014

Re "Claiming Reagan for 2016," Opinion, March 11

Disagreeing with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for calling President Reagan a non-interventionist, Jonah Goldberg writes, "Any analysis that casts the passionate anti-communist invader of Grenada (without congressional approval), supporter of the Afghan mujahedin, champion of missile defense, bomber of Libya and winner of the Cold War as a non-interventionist certainly gets points for creativity."

After the 1983 Marines barracks bombing that killed nearly 250 Americans, Reagan peacefully pulled us out of Lebanon. And attacking tiny Grenada required the steely interventionist will of a SWAT team subduing a kindergarten class.

The so-called end of the Cold War really meant that, while nearly spending ourselves into oblivion buying armaments, we caused the Soviet Union to get smarter and say, "You won, we quit."

Oh, and Reagan also set a record high for peacetime national debt.

Mark Davidson

Santa Ana


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