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Travel readers' letters: Baseball fans strike back

March 16, 2014

Nicaragua has long been a travel spot for those who love Central America, for the good reasons Rosemary McClure pointed out ["Revved and Ready," March 9]. But she should not have had to disparage Costa Rica in order to do it. That is really tacky, and an editor should have spotted it.

To say that Costa Rica has no history is an outrage my Tico friends would gag on. Evidently she never visited the anthropology museum or the Gold Museum in San Jose. A shame.

James J. Horn

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Keep stories in the rotation

Crying foul from the letter writer [March 9] in Palm Springs for allocating too much print and subject matter to baseball in the March 2 Travel section reminds me of a little kid who gets his way 29 days in a row but on the 30th day some other kid was granted a one-day wish.

Yes, there seemed to be a bit too much of the sport in that one issue, but I bet there were a bunch of readers who appreciated the baseball rhetoric and all that went with it.

Numerous aphorisms could be spouted about this scenario such as, "Gotta take the good with the bad," "Life is not a bowl of cherries," "Can't have an up without a down" and my favorite, "Somedays you're the windshield, other days you're the bug."

The writer says that she is disappointed, but I bet that seeing her letter in the paper made up for her baseball disappointment.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach


Being a life-long baseball fan, I absolutely loved the March 2 Travel section. It was disappointing that it received criticism; many things are not of interest to me or don't fit within my medical restrictions but I nevertheless appreciate the diversity of the category. Because I can't attend spring training 2014 personally, I especially appreciated the articles. Thanks for a continuing effort to pleasing all.

Victoria Radtke

Palm Desert


I am surprised the Travel section printed the letter from the reader criticizing it for having devoted space to baseball destinations, saying that there is a section for sports to put that in.

The reader doesn't understand that the Sports section is for scores and stories, not travel. The Travel section is for destinations, whether it be a destination of sports interest, historical interest or geographic interest, not for sports scores.

It's like saying that if the paper did a story on New York and seeing Broadway shows, it should be in the Calendar section. Wrong. It's about traveling to New York to see Broadway shows, the same as if you traveled to Cooperstown, N.Y., to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Keep on publishing these stories in the Travel section no matter what the topic is. Travel is travel.

Steve Shaevel

Woodland Hills

Some advice on air miles

Regarding "Up in Arms Over Altering Air Miles," by Catharine Hamm, March 9: If you have to worry about miles expiring then you are not a frequent flier, and you don't fly frequently enough to make it matter. Most non-frequent fliers will be better off choosing the airline based on the cheapest fare and the most convenient schedule.

Rob Lam


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