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Football: The value of passing tournaments in March

March 31, 2014|By Eric Sondheimer

 There's a continuing fascination with all-star seven-on-seven passing tournaments in March and April even though college football recruiters are barred from attending.

Parents seem to think their sons will get a scholarship based on a seven-on-seven passing performance in the spring. It's not going to happen.

Right now, college coaches are reviewing film of high school players from the season where they actually tackled people.

In May, recruiters will be allowed to go to high schools and judge players up close and personal.

High school coaches have been trying to deter players from participating in private passing tournaments by scheduling their own Saturday practices and doing their own speciality training.

But the players continue to think they will get a scholarship playing in seven-on-seven competitions.

"You can't fault kids for wanting to try to get better," Sherman Oaks Notre Dame Coach Kevin Rooney.

But Rooney has already lost one player to injury this month from working out with a private coach.

All these issues are here to stay in a changing environment where parents only want what's best for their kids. But what is best?

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