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1968 Year

July 10, 1988 | SCOTT HOWARD-COOPER, Times Staff Writer
The backdrop was a year that belonged to the stark realities of the world, of the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, of Vietnam and the riotous Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Baseball in 1968 was a positive distraction. That world belonged to the pitchers, collectively and individually. It was the year they ruled the game, perhaps as never before. Not even 20 years can dim the accomplishments of Don Drysdale of the Dodgers, Bob Gibson of the St.
April 3, 1988 | Jack Miles
Awoman's voice, trembling, near tears, speaking English with a Czech accent: "You are listening to the legal free radio of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. We appeal to all radio stations in Romania, Yugoslavia. Please inform about the situation in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Please let the whole world know the truth." The truth, in August, 1968, was the brutal re-subjugation of Czechoslovakia to the Russian Empire as the brief "Prague Spring" ended.
February 28, 1988 | IRA KAUFMAN, United Press International
It was the year good pitching stopped good hitting. Every night. We're talking about 1968, the Year of the Pitcher. It's hard to believe--especially after 1987 turned into the Year of the Home Run with a record 4,458--that pitchers virtually owned the game one generation ago.
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