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1972 Year

Barton Mumaw, a leading modern dancer in the 1930s and, after World War II, an independent choreographer, a dancer in Broadway musicals and a tireless advocate for dance, died Monday in Clearwater, Fla. He was 88. Mumaw was born in Hazleton, Pa., and was raised in Eustis, Fla., where he began his dance training. After seeing a touring performance by Denishawn--a pioneering company led by modern dance icons Ruth St.
May 14, 2011 | Kevin Thomas
Monte Hellman, the most idiosyncratic of the talented filmmakers mentored by producer Roger Corman in the '60s and '70s, is drawing raves for his latest film, "Road to Nowhere," an intense, romantic movie-within-a movie. Hellman and his longtime colleague, writer and Variety executive editor Steven Gaydos, have taken classic noir elements -- a stunning, seductive young beauty (Shannyn Sossamon), her rich and powerful middle-aged lover (Cliff De Young), a missing fortune and a suicide -- and blurred the line between fiction and reality.
December 26, 2003 | Sang-Hun Choe, Associated Press
They were bootblacks, hobos, acrobats -- 31 ex-cons and ruffians plucked out of prison or off the streets and offered one last chance for redemption: to sneak into North Korea and kill its president, Kim Il Sung. But nothing went according to plan. Their mission aborted, they ended up killing their trainers, fighting their way into the South Korean capital and blowing themselves up.
February 18, 2007 | Tony Peyser, Tony Peyser writes political poems daily for the websites and
"JOHN MILTON / Never stayed in a Hilton / Hotel, /which was just as well." In 1972 -- a year before his death at age 66 -- W.H. Auden recited that whimsical poem of his on "The Dick Cavett Show." I began reading him the next day and have never stopped. An expanded edition of Auden's "Selected Poems" is now out in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth. It's a bull market lately for such commemorations.
February 18, 1988 | ANN KILLION, Time Staff Writer
With a name like Cherokee Parks, one would seem to be destined for greatness. A person born with such a name surely wouldn't grow into some nondescript fellow in a business suit. No, such a name undoubtedly would produce someone special. Parks' mother, Debe, expected him to grow into someone special--perhaps a poet, a philosopher, or, at the very least, a social activist.
January 31, 2007 | Sam Farmer, Times Staff Writer
Not so long ago, Jim Irsay was weighing the possibility of moving the Indianapolis Colts to Los Angeles. Now, he just wants to bring the Super Bowl trophy there. "L.A.'s like a second home to me," said Irsay, 47, who owns the Colts and, among his many Southern California ties, is a member at Riviera Country Club. "I've got an enormous amount of friends out there. ... I'm looking forward to hopefully getting the Lombardi Trophy and bringing it out there to the old Riv, man. Definitely so.
The court file chronicling Kirk and Lisa Bonder Kerkorian's decade-long courtship, monthlong marriage and newly escalating child support dispute leaves no doubt that the rich are indeed different from the rest of us. In what is being touted as a test case for California's wealthiest parents, the billionaire MGM studio and casino mogul and his former tennis pro wife are fighting in Los Angeles Superior Court over just how much money it takes to properly raise their 3-year-old daughter.
July 18, 2012 | Patt Morrison
Valley native and four-time ice hockey Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero - one gold, two silvers, one bronze - was elected in 2010 by her fellow Olympians to the Athletes Commission of the International Olympic Committee. She's one of 12 athletes designated to speak for the wrestlers, runners, swimmers, skaters and all the other competitors in the hierarchy that governs the Games. Next week's London Olympics are her first as a member of the IOC, but she's already working far ahead: on the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, on the 2016 youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, and on her MBA at Harvard, her alma mater.
Elizabeth Streb graduated from SUNY Brockport and began her dance career in 1972, the year after two guys from Dartmouth founded Pilobolus. Like that groundbreaking company and its offshoots, she has always challenged conventional definitions of dance by adopting unorthodox movement vocabularies--especially hard-core gymnastics.
August 27, 1997 | WARREN OLNEY, Veteran television journalist Warren Olney is the host of "Which Way L.A." on KCRW-FM
A narrow vote of the California Supreme Court this month has set in motion what promises to be a turbulent preelection season a year from now. The campaigns on at least two of the likely ballot measures will be emotional, loud and divisive, drowning out the small voices of the very people all sides claim they want to protect: underage pregnant teens. By a 4-3 majority, the court declared unconstitutional a state law requiring parental or court consent for minors to get abortions.
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