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1985 Year

March 16, 1997 | ED LEIBOWITZ, Ed Leibowitz's last article for the magazine was on Vans sneakers
The single red iridium lens stretches like a shield from brow to cheekbone and nearly halfway around the head. The jagged Hammerfang earpieces jut out from the temples, never bending toward the lobes. The brand name is faintly etched on the lens, right between the eyes. * Like all Oakley sunglasses, these M Frame Heaters flaunt an almost inhuman impenetrability.
Beyond the grave site, in the stands of trees rimming the grassy field bordering the cemetery, birds are singing in the early morning chill. Cus D'Amato died at 77 in 1985, one year before his protege, Mike Tyson, won his first heavyweight championship. D'Amato lived the last 17 years of his life in this Hudson River town of 2,500, about 100 miles north of New York. He lived in a 14-room Victorian home, owned by Camille Ewald, on a bluff overlooking the Hudson.
June 18, 1985
The Commerce Department reported that the deficit increased to $30 billion in the first quarter of 1985. Commerce said the deficit for the quarter, however, was below the record $32.9 billion in the third quarter of 1984 but well above the revised $25.5 billion for the fourth quarter of last year. The 1984 total was a record $101.6 billion, more than double the $41.6 billion in 1983.
March 2, 2003 | Richard A. Serrano is a Times staff writer. He last wrote for the magazine about U.S. government mistreatment of mothers of black servicemen killed in World War I.
Finally released after spending half of his life in prison, and still he had to wait. So Christopher Boyce hung around the prison parking lot, rubbernecking, taking in the fresh air around Sheridan, Ore., unsure what to make of freedom. A half hour went by before the big Suburban at last came lumbering up the driveway, carrying his father, a former FBI agent, and his mother, once a Catholic nun.
May 2, 1986 | United Press International
Japanese employment remained stable in the 1985 fiscal year, with the jobless rate averaging 2.6%, down 0.1% from 1984, the government reported Thursday. The report said that 1.58 million people were jobless in the year ending March 31, a decrease of about 10,000 from a year ago.
November 1, 1989 | From Reuters
Labor costs for U.S. employers rose 1.6% in the third quarter, the Labor Department said Tuesday, the steepest increase this year and a sign of rising inflationary pressures. The department also said wages have jumped at their highest rate in the past 12 months since September, 1985. The department reported that gross pay, after deducting benefits, rose 4.6% in the year ended Sept. 30, against a 5.0% gain for the September, 1985, year. The 1.
July 25, 1985
Baker International, the Orange-based oil-services company, said its third-quarter profits jumped nearly 21% to $23 million from $19 million while revenue increased a modest 2% to $471.5 million from $461.5 million a year earlier. Chairman and Chief Executive E. H. Clark Jr. said the gains were largely the result of cost-cutting efforts, improved efficiency and lower interest expenses due to declining interest rates. For the first nine months of the 1985 fiscal year, Baker had profits of $61.
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