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1987 Year

January 1, 1988 | Howard Rosenberg
Parting thoughts about TV in 1987: We had the the Gates of Wrath--Irangate, Gary Hartgate, Jim and Tammygate, Bork/Ginsburggate, Joan Riversgate, CBS morning showgate and Fairness Doctrinegate among others. Dwarfing them all, however, was Pac Bellgate. It was not just another year for those oppressively sweet Pac Bell commercials that provide a minute-by-minute chronicle of Lawrence and Garland as the "Jules and Jim" of the older set.
January 1, 1988 | ROSE-MARIE TURK, Times Staff Writer
How did 1987 shape up? Let us count the ways. Hemlines rose on designer runways, but it took almost a year for women over 18 to buy the idea. Among notable mature knees in the vanguard were those of feminist Gloria Steinem. Auctions made headlines. The late Duchess of Windsor's jewels were sold by Sotheby's in Geneva, bringing a record $50,281,887 and setting off a wave of costume jewelry copies.
December 31, 1987 | BILL BOYARSKY, Times City-County Bureau Chief
Contrasting images of 1987--workers beginning to dig the new subway and the homeless digging in on Venice Beach--are reminders that the past year left the Los Angeles area with plenty of unfinished civic business. More tall buildings went up. The economy--driven by continued government contracts and Pacific Rim trade--seemed strong.
December 31, 1987 | CHARLES CHAMPLIN, Times Arts Editor
If there were a grand climatic design, New Year's Eve Day would be dank, dark and gray, thus creating a fittingly funereal mood in which to observe the passing of the late year. New Year's Day would on the other hand dawn crystal-clear, rain-washed and sparkling, atingle with the promise of 365 days in which to commit a whole new set of triumphs and follies.
December 31, 1987
"Today in the church in Los Angeles, Christ is Anglo and Hispanic, Christ is Chinese and black, Christ is Vietnamese and Irish, Christ is Korean and Italian, Christ is Japanese and Filipino, Christ is Native American, Croatian, Samoan and many other ethnic identities." Pope John Paul II, during his visit. "Sorry. If I don't cut in front, I'll fall behind. Thanks." Signs on RTD buses that were pulled off a short time after motorists complained.
December 31, 1987 | JACK MATHEWS
I had a very scary thought a few months ago. It came to me at the height of the Weird News blitz, when all of the stories about Donna Rice, Jessica Hahn, Jim and Tammy, and Spuds MacKenzie were blending like various liquids at a toxic dump. Somehow, the corrosive effect of that congealed information triggered a freakish neutron blast in my brain.
December 31, 1987 | LAWRENCE J. MAGID, Lawrence J. Magid is a Silicon Valley-based computer analyst and writer
Every year brings new products but 1987 was something special, with major companies making major announcements. IBM and Apple announced new product lines, while Compaq and several other firms committed themselves to developing innovative machines compatible with the existing IBM PC standard. The software industry was busy, too, with some important new products. The first big news came in March when Apple announced its Macintosh SE and Macintosh II models.
December 31, 1987 | STEVE HARVEY, Times Staff Writer
In some ways, 1987 was a classic Southern California disaster story, with a big (but not The Big) earthquake striking Whittier, motorists shooting at motorists on the freeways, near-collisions in the skies, beaches closed because of sewage spills and studies pegging the the air as, still, the worst in the nation.
December 30, 1987 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
In July, the Rams promised a season of Super Bowl or bust, claiming that anything less than the Lombardi Trophy in their lobby window would be a disappointment. So here they sit at home in late December, seeking words to describe their innermost feelings and thoughts in the wake of a 6-9 season that ended in the rain Sunday night with a 48-0 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.
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