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20000 Year

January 3, 2009 | Joanna Lin
Two decades ago, real estate mogul Randy Black turned this blip on the Arizona border into a boomtown when he opened the first of four casinos. Nearly 1 million visitors a year followed, and hotels, restaurants and stucco homes seemed to sprout from sand. "It seemed to be one of those things that 'Geez, it's just going great. It's never going to end,' " said Victor Kotalion, who left Las Vegas in 1990 for this arid patch off Interstate 15.
December 18, 2005 | Andy Meisler, Andy Meisler last wrote for the magazine about psychotherapist/entrepreneur George Anderson.
Mark Pollock is a Napa-based environmental lawyer, a former Bay Area student radical and lover of fine food. Gloria Alvarez is a resident of Culver City who, for the last 33 years, has owned and operated Gloria's Cake & Candy Supplies, a tiny Westside culinary landmark jammed into a former American Legion Hall near the intersection of Sawtelle and Venice. Pollock and the seventysomething Alvarez have more than a little in common.
April 29, 1988 | PATRICK MOTT, Times Staff Writer
Three afternoons a week, at about 3:30, a small group of girls, students at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, walks across the school's athletic field, through a break in the chain-link fence and into a world their classmates could never imagine. It is a world of ferocious dedication and quiet passion, of spectacular physicality and almost Zen-like concentration. It is a world in which it is often impossible to be sure which is stronger, the body or the will.
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