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20000 Year

April 29, 2013 | By Joe Piasecki, Los Angeles Times
The Rose Bowl's new premium seating pavilion has yet to open, but stadium officials say seats are already selling fast. Construction of pavilion and press box levels on the stadium's west side has been the most significant - and expensive - aspect of ongoing stadium renovations now priced at $181 million. The renovation was originally billed as a $152-million effort in 2010, but projected costs climbed to nearly $195 million before city officials down-scaled some planned improvements earlier this year.
November 25, 1990 | CARLA LAZZARESCHI
Q: My husband is taking early retirement from his job and will be getting $30,000 from his pension and about $20,000 in severance pay. Right now, our combined annual income is $48,000, and we are in the 28% tax bracket. However, if we get all this money in a lump sum at the end of the year, our bracket could jump. Is there a way to defer any or all of this income until 1991, or even 1992, when our income will be just my $20,000-a-year salary? -- D. T .
January 3, 2009 | Joanna Lin
Two decades ago, real estate mogul Randy Black turned this blip on the Arizona border into a boomtown when he opened the first of four casinos. Nearly 1 million visitors a year followed, and hotels, restaurants and stucco homes seemed to sprout from sand. "It seemed to be one of those things that 'Geez, it's just going great. It's never going to end,' " said Victor Kotalion, who left Las Vegas in 1990 for this arid patch off Interstate 15.
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