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20000 Year

April 6, 2008 | Audrey Davidow, Special to The Times
IT was a nail-biter of a month. But at last the news is in: The idle chitchat, the intense speculation and competitive jockeying are over, and families throughout the Los Angeles area are either exulting in victory or wallowing in defeat. It's kindergarten acceptance time, the make-it or break-it moment when L.A.'s top private schools mail their acceptance and rejection letters, then conveniently take off on spring break to dodge the hysteria.
November 3, 2013 | By Donie Vanitzian
Question: Our board directors found the lowest earthquake insurance premium is with a 20% deductible, costing our homeowner association about $20,000 annually; they voted against raising monthly dues to cover it. Our 20 units in a four-level, zero-lot-line Los Angeles complex average $650,000 per unit and the structural integrity of the building is at greater risk because of our subterranean parking. Directors argue we've got over $150,000 in reserves and around $350,000 in combined money market and certificate of deposit accounts.
November 25, 1990 | CARLA LAZZARESCHI
Q: My husband is taking early retirement from his job and will be getting $30,000 from his pension and about $20,000 in severance pay. Right now, our combined annual income is $48,000, and we are in the 28% tax bracket. However, if we get all this money in a lump sum at the end of the year, our bracket could jump. Is there a way to defer any or all of this income until 1991, or even 1992, when our income will be just my $20,000-a-year salary? -- D. T .
December 10, 2012 | Jim Newton
The struggle to expand the Los Angeles Police Department to 10,000 officers has occupied three mayors over two decades. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has brought the department right to the verge of that benchmark - the force today numbers 9,824 - but an important budgeting decision a few years back has quietly whittled away at the achievement, undermining some of the LAPD's crime-fighting efforts and creating a growing long-term liability for the city...
April 2, 2006 | Xiao-huang Yin, XIAO-HUANG YIN, professor and chair of the American Studies Program at Occidental College, is author of "Chinese American Literature Since the 1850s" and co-editor of "The Expanding Roles of Chinese Americans in U.S.-China Relations."
ALL THE MEDIA attention on immigration has missed a critical part of the issue -- Asians. Although the majority of illegal immigrants in this country come from Mexico, U.S. and Chinese scholars estimate that more than 500,000 Chinese have been smuggled into the United States since the late 1980s, making them the second-largest undocumented immigrant group. Most of the illegal Chinese immgrants came from Fujian province in southeast China.
April 29, 2012 | By Laura Bleiberg, Special to the Los Angeles Times
On a recent Sunday morning, at an hour when many a teenager is still prone in bed, Adam Bernstein, 15, and Eli Gruska, 13, were lying face down on the floor of a Los Angeles ballet studio. Both boys would soon be heading to New York City for the biggest ballet competition in the country. They and the others in this all-boys class were awaiting instructions from Marat Daukayev, former principal dancer withRussia'sfamed Kirov Ballet (now the ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre). Daukayev begins his boys' class with sets of push-ups, not pliƩs.
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