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20000 Year

July 16, 1991 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A proposed low-cost auto insurance policy for individuals earning less than $20,000 a year or families of four less than $25,000, would cost policyholders $300 annually, an actuary for Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has estimated. Such a policy would require a $40 subsidy from each higher-income driver in the state, according to actuary Don Bashline's estimate. A bill to create such a policy, sponsored by state Sen.
June 13, 1986 | Associated Press
The owner of a chain of clothing stores has set up a $20,000-a-year trust fund for a fashion model whose face was slashed in a razor attack last week, the New York Post said today. Milton Petrie, owner of the Petrie Stores, said he decided to help Marla Hanson, 24, after reading reports that she was slashed by two men allegedly hired by her former landlord. "I was very moved when I learned about her plight," the 83-year-old executive said.
June 13, 1991
The cost of checking into one of the city's seven motels would go up under a motel and hotel occupancy tax increase tentatively approved by the City Council Tuesday. The transient occupancy tax would increase from 8% to 10% if it receives final council approval. The 2% is expected to generate an additional $20,000 a year for the city. On a $35 single motel room, the tax is now $2.80. It would go to $3.50 under the proposed increase.
January 30, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Teaching assistants at New York University unionized, establishing NYU as the first private university in the United States to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with its graduate students. The NYU administration struck a deal with the United Auto Workers Local 2110 that will raise the minimum stipend for graduate students who work as teaching assistants an average of 20 hours a week. As many as 1,300 students are covered by the agreement.
April 6, 2008 | Audrey Davidow, Special to The Times
IT was a nail-biter of a month. But at last the news is in: The idle chitchat, the intense speculation and competitive jockeying are over, and families throughout the Los Angeles area are either exulting in victory or wallowing in defeat. It's kindergarten acceptance time, the make-it or break-it moment when L.A.'s top private schools mail their acceptance and rejection letters, then conveniently take off on spring break to dodge the hysteria.
November 25, 1990 | CARLA LAZZARESCHI
Q: My husband is taking early retirement from his job and will be getting $30,000 from his pension and about $20,000 in severance pay. Right now, our combined annual income is $48,000, and we are in the 28% tax bracket. However, if we get all this money in a lump sum at the end of the year, our bracket could jump. Is there a way to defer any or all of this income until 1991, or even 1992, when our income will be just my $20,000-a-year salary? -- D. T .
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