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2004 Year

January 18, 2004
America's Heart and Soul. Filmmaker Louis Schwartz- berg tells the country's story one person at a time, from a Vermont farmer to a coal miner in Appalachia and a cowboy on the range. Walt Disney, July 2. Broadway: The Golden Age. Using interviews, home movies and with more than 100 subjects, including Angela Lansbury, Shirley MacLaine and Stephen Sondheim, filmmaker Rich McKay fashions a record of a bygone era. Dada Films, June. Bukowski: Born Into This.
January 4, 2004 | Tom Petruno, Times Staff Writer
A year ago, it was easier for many investors to imagine any number of disaster scenarios for the economy and financial markets than the possibility that things might work out OK. Things worked out more than just OK in 2003, of course, as evidenced by the fastest economic growth in 20 years and a 25.3% rise in the Dow Jones industrial average. Now, the outlook is decidedly more optimistic on Wall Street and elsewhere.
January 1, 2004 | Suzanne Muchnic; Chris Pasles; Diane Haithman; Mark Swed; Lewis Segal; Randy Lewis; Kevin Crust; Robin Rauzi; Kevin Bronson
When it comes to entertainment, we live in the land of plenty. To start the new year right, we offer for your consideration 52 reasons to celebrate 2004. Culled from across the region's film, dance, music, art, sports and cultural landscape, we've narrowed the field.
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