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2005 Year

December 25, 2005 | Tom Petruno, Times Staff Writer
It's a tough call separating the financial market highlights of 2005 from the lowlights. They often were one and the same. Where to start? Maybe Jim Cramer throwing a chair across the CNBC studio? The sound of millions of hands slapping anguished foreheads as Google Inc. shares topped $200, then $300, then $400? D'oh!
September 14, 2005 | Booth Moore, Times Staff Writer
After Marc Jacobs' groundbreaking, darkly romantic fall collection, all eyes were on him this week as everyone wondered: What will he do next? Leading up to Monday night, many fashion insiders were also making side bets on how late things would start after last season's show was delayed an hour and a half, prompting an apology on the designer's website. Jacobs did not disappoint.
December 4, 2005 | David L. Ulin
"BEST books" lists have always seemed, to me, unnecessarily hierarchical, inimical to the way literature works. What are the best books, and how do we determine them? No, reading is a fluid activity, one in which we are often moved for reasons beyond logic -- reasons that have less to do with our brains than with our hearts. With this in mind, Book Review's editors are taking a more subjective approach to our year-end issue.
January 16, 2005 | Susan King
Will SMITH has kicked alien butt in "Independence Day," in both of the "Men in Black" films and in "I, Robot." He pretended to be Sidney Poitier's son in "Six Degrees of Separation" and received an Oscar nomination for best actor as legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in the biopic "Ali." But while Smith has infused most of his characters with an acerbic sense of humor, he had never done a romantic film comedy until "Hitch," opening Feb. 11.
December 26, 2004 | Christopher Hawthorne
Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron Architects It might seem absurd to give the "Faces to watch" label to a pair of 54-year-old architects whose Switzerland-based firm is one of the best-regarded in the world. But 2005 will be a debut year of sorts for them in the United States, where their only public work until now has been the Dominus winery in Napa Valley. In April, Herzog & de Meuron's extension to the Walker Art Center will open in Minneapolis.
WHEN Philip Johnson died early this year, at the age of 98, a certain alluring but ultimately damaging definition of architecture may well have gone with him. Both in his own designs and in his role as his profession's leading tastemaker, Johnson helped popularize the notion that what architects contribute to the culture has more to do with image and a kind of urbane glamour than with the way people actually use buildings or how cities develop over time.
December 18, 2005 | Lewis Segal
BORIS EIFMAN Russian choreographer and artistic director, the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg The company was very busy and successful in 2005, dancing for the first time in Argentina, Mexico and Canada, so I was not able to see that much. Unfortunately, most of it was so boring that I didn't sit through the end of it. Maybe I'm jealous, but I feel that the Kirov Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet are doing nothing important when it comes to new works.
December 31, 2005
Tables showing the 2005 percentage change for major stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq Stock Market and the American Stock Exchange, as well as for the largest mutual funds, appear in Business today. C4-7 On Jan. 10, The Times will publish detailed year-end mutual fund tables, including Morningstar Inc.'s performance rating for each fund. The Jan. 10 edition will include stories reviewing 2005 performance and looking ahead.
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