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2006 Year

January 5, 2006 | Craig Nakano
AS modern design stretches its reach from the home into the garden, the Los Angeles-based furnishings company NotNeutral is staking a place in the movement with its first foray in outdoor accessories: the Bloomin' Garden Stakes. The stakes, which will premiere at the New York International Gift Fair later this month, aim to turn frumpy flower beds into hip fashion statements. Lightweight steel poles are topped with chunky representations of flora and fauna, painted in the most unnatural of hues.
January 5, 2006
An orange silhouette of a horse obscures most of the display window on the 1920s Spanish storefront -- the first indication that things are not always what they seem at Zelen. "I wanted to create intrigue," says owner Dan Zelen, director of visual merchandising for such global clients as Cassina and Nautica, as well as local businesses including Inner Gardens, Sonrisa and Joan's on Third.
January 5, 2006 | David A. Keeps
Jane Hallworth: On her own, and in collaboration with Lisa Strong (, the energetic British designer with a keen eye for prized Modern furniture has earned the trust and loyalty of the hard-to-please young Hollywood A-list. Lately she is much in demand for kitting out vintage trailers for actors on location. Will McGaul: Where the Ivy League meets the Ivy at the Shore, you'll find this showroom designer for the Baker and Henredon furniture companies.
January 1, 2006 | Jane Engle, Times Staff Writer
FOR more than 30 years, Susan Tanzman, owner of Martin's Travel and Tours Inc. in Los Angeles, has been a passionate advocate for consumers and travel agents alike. She helped develop California's tough 1996 Seller of Travel law, which requires travel companies to register with the attorney general and prove they have consumer protection plans.
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