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May 24, 2013 | By Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times
"Can you give mommy a cue? Are you hungry?" 21-year-old Alexis Neiers cooed to her crying newborn in the middle of a faux-upscale Calabasas restaurant last week. "When she puts her hands in her mouth, she's hungry. Right now, she's just tired. Maybe a little constipated. " None of the other diners paid much attention to Neiers - former reality TV star, recovering addict and convicted felon - as she pulled her daughter, Harper, to her breast and began to feed the 3-week-old. It was a moment of utter normalcy for Neiers, who shot to notoriety in 2009 when she was arrested and charged with being a part of a group of celebrity-obsessed young burglary suspects that came to be known as the "Bling Ring.
December 20, 2013 | By Alan Zarembo
In most discussions of suicide and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - including the online buzz that followed publication of a Times analysis on how young California veterans die - one statistic gets repeated most: 22 veterans kill themselves each day. That number comes from a study published in early 2013 by researchers at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. But the recent wars were not the study's primary focus. In fact, they play a minor role in veteran suicides overall.
February 18, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
"Son of God" won't be giving the devil his due - or rather, his screen time. To avoid another controversy about the character of Satan bearing a physical resemblance to President Obama in the upcoming religious film, the filmmakers have gone out of their way to edit the devil's scenes out of "Son of God," which is based on the TV miniseries "The Bible. " "It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting-room floor," producer Roma Downey told the Hollywood Reporter . "This is now a movie about Jesus, the son of God, and the devil gets no more screen time.
March 3, 2014 | By David Pierson
Dozens more people have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak tied to Foster Farms chicken that was thought to have been over, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday. The agency reported 51 new cases of Salmonella Heidelberg between mid-January and late February. Forty-four of the new cases were found in California. “It raises concern that this outbreak may not be over,” said Robert Tauxe, the CDC's deputy director for the division of food-borne, waterborne and environmental diseases.
February 19, 2014 | By Carolyn Kellogg
The finalists for the 34th annual L.A. Times Book Prizes were announced Wednesday morning: 50 books in 10 categories are in the running to win the L.A. Times Book Prizes, to be awarded in April. Two authors will receive special recognition: John Green with the Innovators Award and Susan Straight with the Kirsch Award for lifetime achievement. Bestselling young adult novelist John Green will be presented with the Innovators Award for his dynamic use of online media to entertain and engage.
March 12, 2013 | By David Undercoffler
With gas prices continuing a steady upward climb, you may be headed to the dealer in search of something less thirsty at the pump. But which cars' sticker price gives you the most bang for your buck? We asked to look at the vehicles with the lowest sticker price per fuel-economy rating. The math was simple: divide the car's base price by its EPA rating for combined fuel economy. The result gives a look at how much each mile per gallon will cost you. Photos: Top 10 cars with lowest cost per mpg Topping the list is Ford's C-Max Energi.
March 13, 2014 | By Walter Hamilton
There are more millionaires in the United States than ever before. The number of households with net worth of $1 million or more, excluding their homes, is at a record 9.63 million, according to a new report. That eclipses the old mark of 9.2 million in 2007 before the global financial crisis, according to the Spectrem Group research firm. The tally of millionaires slipped to 6.7 million in 2008 as the financial crisis struck. The study reinforces other data showing that the wealthy are doing well compared to many other segments of society.
January 26, 2013 | By Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times
"It's me and Burt against the world. " -- Linda Pugach, 2007 With those words, Linda Pugach explained, perhaps as well as anyone could, an unfathomable chain of events. PHOTOS: Linda Pugach | 1937 - 2013 In 1959, she was Linda Riss, a 22-year-old dark-haired beauty with a creamy complexion, a sassy mouth and curves in all the right places. She fell for a successful older man named Burton Pugach, who wined and dined her--until she found out about his wife. Then she dumped him. Then he hired a goon to throw lye in her face and went to prison for 14 years.
January 27, 2014 | By Barbara Demick
YANJI, China - After the North Korean coal mine where she worked stopped paying salaries, Park Kyung Ok tried her hand at business. Buttons and zippers, candy and dried squid, fabric, plastic tarpaulins, men's suits and cigarettes. "I sold just about everything," said Park, 44. But it wasn't until she started hawking methamphetamine in 2007, she said, that she was able to earn a living. Methamphetamine, known as orum, or "ice," is a rare commodity manufactured and sold in North Korea, where most factories sit idle, the equipment rusted or looted.
February 11, 2014 | By Nardine Saad, This post has been updated.
Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is getting married again! The R&B icon is engaged to longtime girlfriend Nicole Pantenburg. The "When Can I See You Again" singer popped the question to Pantenburg after seven years together, Edmonds' rep confirmed to The Times on Tuesday. [Update Feb. 11, 2014 1 p.m.: "I'm happy to say I'm on the love marriage path," Edmonds told The Times. "I'm a very lucky guy!" ] Edmonds, 54, also made the announcement in a BET interview with longtime collaborator Toni Braxton last Thursday when he and Braxton sat down for an interview about their joint album, "Love, Marriage & Divorce," which they released earlier this month.
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