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20th Century Fox Studios

February 26, 1997
Charles Motter Dingler, son of President Calvin Coolidge's barber and a former minor league baseball player who coached Dodger outfielder Rick Monday in Little League, died in his Camarillo home. He was 88. Born in York, Pa., Dingler worked as a Capitol Hill page during the Harding and Coolidge administrations. His father cut Coolidge's hair, as well as predecessor Warren G. Harding's.
August 30, 2003
Mel Gibson can't even get his pals at 20th Century Fox Studios to distribute his movie about the last hours of Jesus Christ's life. Gibson's film company, Icon Productions, is starting to look for a distributor to release "The Passion," which some Jewish leaders say is anti-Semitic in its portrayal of Jews during the time of Christ's Crucifixion. Film clips show hooded and cloaked Jews rejoicing as a battered and tortured Christ carries the cross to his death.
December 12, 1985 | From Times Wire Services
Anne Baxter, the granddaughter of architect Frank Lloyd Wright who built her own career acting in roles that ranged from the scheming ingenue Eve Harrington in "All About Eve" to Victoria Cabot on TV's "Hotel," died today, eight days after suffering a stroke and collapsing on Madison Avenue. She was 62. She never regained consciousness and succumbed at 10:50 a.m. in the intensive care ward of Lenox Hill Hospital.
March 1, 1992 | AURIANA KOUTNIK
A movie set for a toy factory and part of a skyscraper being built on the Pierce College farm will be used in the filming of 20th Century Fox's film "Toys." Actor Robin Williams, Academy Award nominee for "The Fisher King" and "Good Morning, Vietnam," will play the lead character, a comical toy maker who attempts to save his father's business from a crazy uncle. "Toys" will be directed by Barry Levinson, who won an Academy Award for best director in "Rain Man."
October 1, 1991
Herman Hill, the first black basketball player at USC and later a journalist and publicist who crusaded for civil rights, has died in Los Angeles after a battle with Parkinson's disease, a family friend said Monday. Hill, 85, died Saturday at home, said Brad Pye Jr., who is an aide to Los Angeles County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn. In the 1929-30 season, Hill became the first black to letter in basketball at USC.
August 1, 1996
Pardon Bob Dole for the equivocal tone of his second sortie against Hollywood, the front line in the contemporary cultural war. That the presidential hopeful found it no easier now than last year to gain solid political footing on the movies-and-society issue speaks less to his campaigning ability than to the deep ambivalence most Americans feel about popular culture and morality. Dole, the presumed Republican candidate, spoke Tuesday to an audience of about 200 at 20th Century Fox Studios.
October 22, 1990 | JEANNINE STEIN
The Scene: Fifteenth-anniversary bash for the camp, cult midnight show and audience participation classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," the only film in which sitting in your seat and not talking back to the screen is considered poor taste. Hundreds of "Rocky" fans made a pilgrimage to sound stage 14 at 20th Century Fox studios Saturday night for a party, live performances, appearances by the film's stars, and, of course, a midnight showing of the film.
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