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401 K Funds

Q. I have an adjustable-rate mortgage tied to the 11th District cost of funds. I know interest rates have been rising lately, causing a corresponding increase in adjustable mortgage and bank card rates. However, the 11th District cost of funds has not been rising. I even expect my mortgage rate to drop when it is adjusted later this month. What's going on? --M.H. A. You are not alone in wondering about this matter.
October 9, 2000
The majority of the largest U.S. mutual funds--popular with investors and often found in company 401(k) plans--fared better than the S&P 500 index in the third quarter of 2000. Here are the largest funds, in order of third quarter total return (price change plus any interest or dividend income), as well as a selection of funds common in Southern California 401(k) plans. Included are returns for other periods and each fund's "category rating" and "star rating" as assessed by Morningstar.
August 11, 2008 | Karen E. Klein, Special to The Times
Dear Karen: How do I keep employees from stealing from my company if I delegate financial tasks? Answer: U.S. businesses lose about 7% of annual revenue to fraud, and small companies report a median loss of $200,000 to employee fraud, according to the Assn. of Certified Fraud Examiners. Typically, embezzlement schemes last two years before detection.
December 3, 2001 | Associated Press
Ford Motor Co. is expected this week to announce several steps to stem losses, including laying off hundreds of hourly workers and cutting some benefits for white-collar employees. The latest moves, which could save the company hundreds of millions of dollars, are detailed in a draft of a company news release--dated for issue on Wednesday--that was quoted by the Detroit News on Sunday. In the document, Ford Chairman and Chief Executive William Clay Ford Jr.
The AFL-CIO has moved into cyberspace with a campaign against munificent salaries for America's chief executives, creating a Web site that invites workers and investors to check out the big boss' earnings. Executive PayWatch, the union site launched Thursday, holds data on the pay and stock options for chieftains of the major corporations in the Standard & Poor's 500.
Q: In a recent column, you discussed how taxpayers could negotiate with federal and state income tax collection authorities to arrange repayment of back tax obligations. But what about sales taxes owed by small businesses? The Board of Equalization says I owe $3,800 from a business I sold in 1986. With penalties and interest, the total bill is more than $12,000. I am currently paying it off at the rate of $100 a month, but at this pace I will never be able to get rid of this.
October 22, 1995 | KATHY M. KRISTOF
For a wide array of reasons--including layoffs, early retirements, relocations and attractive career moves--millions of people terminate their current employment each year. If you are among the job-departing masses and you're not yet old enough to retire, you're likely to face tough decisions about your 401(k) plan. Over the past several years, 401(k) plans have become the pension plan of choice for the bulk of the nation's employers. More than half of all employers now offer them.
April 8, 2001 | LIZ PULLIAM WESTON
Q: My daughter just graduated from college as a chemical engineer and has started working for an oil company at a very good salary ($54,000). She is buying a new car but, because she has a limited credit history, the two lenders we consulted added three percentage points to their normal car loan rate. That's even with me, her father, as a loan co-signer.
February 15, 1992 | KATHY M. KRISTOF
How safe is your company pension? Changes in the business climate, troubles at the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. and an increasing shift toward uninsured pension plans have made this question far more difficult to answer. Yet the answer is vital to Americans whose main source of retirement income is likely to be their company-sponsored plan. "You take the person who is currently employed and 40 years of age.
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